Selective Sprayer MALAS HIERBAS

Sprayers Booms


It features an electronic herbal vision technology that allows a perfect product application, sharply reducing the expense. The optical detectors are assembled on the boom, releasing a radiation that bounces off the target. If the target has chlorophyll the spraying frequency gets modified by opening the specific nozzles section.

The nozzle section remains open while detecting possible. It can work at usual speeds and doses (150-300 l / ha) with the difference that the product will only be distributed in populated herbs areas. In order to increase the effectiveness of the equipment one detector can be assembled every 40-50 cm along the boom (see price)

Technical specifications:

  • 5 optical detectors WeedSeeker mod. 650 configurable resolution.
  • Mounted sprayer with 400L capacity, cat.2 hitch. Double hitch, suitable mounting at the front or at the back of the tractor
  • 2 arms hydraulic booms, retractable ends, protected sensors and nozzles
  • 5 waterways controlled by electrical control panel, 5 electronic herbs detectors  controlled from driver’s cab via control panel. Yellow anti-drift and anti drip nozzles @500mm
  • M-35 pump (39 lpm), max 10 bar.
  • It can also work as a conventional treatment boom (complete or partial opening of the 5 waterways)
  • Eccentric nozzle at the end of the boom, manually voidable, with an additional range of 1 meter per side


  • REAL TIME MIXING SYSTEM: allows to fill the tank with clean water, making the mixture with precision doser 1-10% pure herbicide, reducing the excess.
  • HYDRAULIC BOOM EXTENSION: 2 additional nozzles on each arm with hydraulic extension (1 meter per side), and a joystick for controlling every hydraulic function. It allows to extend the range up to 10-11 meters and variable geometry work.
  • BOOM’S STRUCTURE COPY: 8” support wheels keep the optimal distance between the electronic detectors and the targets. Control via joystick.


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