Hydraulic string strimmer composed by 3 main parts (2 folding side ones and a central one) with 4 cutting drums and 3 hoses per drum.


  • Maximum working width of 5.1 meters (drum diameter 1.3 meters).
  • Heat exchanger and electro fan.
  • 3 point linking.
  • PTO at 540 rpm
  • Non-forest use
  • Chain drive.
  • Two folding side parts with 1.3 meters cutting width each. Hydraulic activation.
  • Able to work via any combination of its 3 parts. Each cutting drum can work separately without getting off the tractor.
  • Maximum working width 5 meters. Central part + 1 side part= 3.85 working width.
  • Minimum cutting height 40 mm, manually adjustable.
  • Low consumption (maximum driving consumption 60CV).
  • Maximum pumps’ flow rate 145 l/m@2000 rpm.
  • Controlled from the driver’s cab via remote control (operation of the cutting drums, folding and unfolding).
  • COPIA system: allows for adapting the sides parts to the shape of the land so the work is done appropriately. Optimal work on slopes).
  • Anti projection screens.
  • Adjustable support legs to facilitate coupling and uncoupling and replacing cutting hoses.


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